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Coffee Thoughts - Vol. 4

Sitting under a canopy.

I have my blue, red, and white lumberjack fleece on, which serves as a stark contrast against the damp, grey backdrop of this small-town local high street.

It's 10 AM here, and I've just received my classic caramel flat white - which warms my insides more with each sip, as the freshness of the morning grips at my body.


I think I feel motivated.

I don't know what to think at the moment, to be honest. I was recently let go from my company, as I am apparently ''too creative'' for the role that I was in, and should instead be ''chasing my dream job''.

The truth of it is, the money and the structure I was getting as a 'content writer' was helping me to kickstart my dreams - as I was self-funding my business start-up '', building a shed to serve as a studio/headquarters, paying for copyright, website fees, instrumental / collaboration costs for 'drxftkid', photoshop and much more.

Having all that cut short so suddenly was a massive shock to the system.

Not only had I gotten used to my routine and schedule, but also the security, and self-assurance that having a regular job had provided.


It's back to the drawing board I guess. I've realised the switch-up was a wake-up call for me to change my perspective. When one door closes, another one opens.

The world is a vast place, with limitless opportunity. My awareness of this has not been stifled by the many who have undervalued what I can do thus far and shall continue to resist such doubters going forward.

The world has a plan for us. It has a plan for me. I'm sure of it.

When the time is right, the world moves shockingly fast to get you to where you need to be. Something's brewing under the surface ... I can feel it as I prepare to level up, yet again.


So watch this space peeps!

This chapter may be over, but an even wavier one is about to begin.

I wish you all the best in these trying times, and as always, keep kicking ass guys!

drxfty x

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