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Coffee Thoughts - Vol 2

Resting once again in my mocha solace...

This time I'm sitting outside, my back resting on a cool, cast-iron chair. Grey sky stretches out the morning above me, bringing with it a foreboding mist that has trailed my Corsa the entire way here.

I welcome the warmness of my coffee as I savour it sip-by-sip on this cold summer morning. It makes for a nice contrast against the breeze, which has been tussling with my still-wet, lemon-smelling shower hair this whole time.


My thoughts drift to my state of mind.

This week has been an odd week. Countless instances of change have taken place, with many more still on the horizon - be it at work, home, our government, or within our beloved Royal family.

In such dynamic times, I often feel the dwindling sense of control I have in my life reaches whole new levels of aloofness. The last few years have felt as if I have been equally chasing a sense of security, and learning how to get comfortable with adaptation.

I guess the best advice I would give myself in times of such momentous transformation is twofold:

- For one, it is important that I remember there needs to be ups and downs in life, and that I can't have one without the other. If everything was flat and as expected all the time, then life would be tedious, and all of us less resilient because of it.

- Secondly, it is important to have faith and to trust the process. Amongst the noise, there is an abundance of opportunity waiting to reveal itself when the time is right. Stay focused on the things that feel right and bring joy into my life, and that is what I shall attract into it.


I hope you guys are doing well! Let me know your thoughts this week, and your best tips for adapting to change in the comments.

Till next time folks, all the best.

drxfty x

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Brilliant Drifty, you should write a book

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