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Coffee Thoughts - Vol. 1

Hey Guys!

What’s up? How’s you?

Welcome to the first post in my new blog series called ‘Coffee Thoughts’’. The series is basically me typing out the thoughts I’m having whilst I sit in a coffee shop on my weekend mornings :)


Right now it’s quite calm in the shop. It’s about 11 AM, and I can imagine most people are still waking up and eating their hungover, greasy breakfasts. Not going to lie I’d probably be doing the same, but I ran out of coffee pods at home yesterday morning, so I came here as early as possible today to get my caramel fix!

As with all my weekends, I’m revelling in the fact that no one is telling me what to do right now, or how to behave. It always makes me feel like I have to get as much out of the fleeting moments of autonomy I get on weekends as much as possible.

But then, I still know no one in the area, and it's not like I’m signed up to any clubs in this area - as I never grew up here - so how do I maximise the moments that I have? Isn't that how Instagram tells me to have a good weekend? Both things are a work in progress and require effort that I just do not have right now while I’m busy working on my music and my brand Aliøn.

I guess it goes back to the age-old parable, that ''I, alone, am a complete person''. I don’t necessarily need clubs, and other people to validate and maximise my weekend if I don’t have them available right now. I simply need to prioritise myself at this 'moment' in time, and be fully present in it, so that none of it is wasted…


I look up from my laptop and drink in my surroundings. The interior design of this place is a piece of me - with its minimalistic, monochromatic aesthetic, offset by large wooden beams, and ageing industrialised metal features. I can see content-looking trees swaying carefree outside the huge crystal window panes in front of me, their green leaves rustling and framing the soft grey clouds that drift behind them.

My caramel flat white sits empty and idle in front of me, taunting me to get another as I sit back with one leg up on the coffee table. There’s faint chatter from the Starbucks staff, and a ‘Would I lie to you’ dance remix coming out of the speakers.

We love a good Saturday coffee morning. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing today, or how I’m going to maximise it... but I see another coffee in my near future! ;)

Till next time, Stay waves peeps.

Drifty x

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