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Coffee Thoughts - Vol 3

I thought I'd try a new place on my coffee adventure today... a place called ''Coffee 2''.

My watch reads 10 - to -11 on this mischievous Sunday morning.

I feel somewhat jaded in the middle of this desolate, small-town, high street. Where I'm sitting right now has a direct view into a second-hand furniture store. I lie back and try to take in the flooding mirage of leather sofas, blue Persian rugs, and abstract paintings before me. One of the paintings draws my gaze most of all - a proud-looking monkey, with a flat cap, and yellow sunglasses. How random! I love it.

The wind is nippy, to say the least - which I welcome in, as it slowly dusts the cobwebs out from inside my head and behind my eyes. I made sure to sit outside, not only for nature.. but so I could mix my caramel flat white with some acid blue vampire vape juice. It's all refreshingly, mentholatingly, pleasant.


Life update. I have started to build a mini cabin in my garden, to serve as a headquarters for Aliøn, and as a mini soundproof studio - signs, and everything! So far it's got a teal beanbag, a crooked 20mph road sign, a lantern, and a fallout 4 poster that my bro gave me in uni. The insulation is half-finished - so one wall is covered in white and black spots, framed by illuminatingly reflective thermal tape. I'll be super grateful for it in winter I'm sure... it's hard not to freeze to death while I'm making all these ice-cold beats.


There have been a few things in the news recently. People have begun to discuss how social media is changing, and how we are now feeling obligated to reply 24/7, as social media continues to demand more of our attention than humanly possible.

Fortunately, I was part of the generation that caught the start of the social media boom, so it comes quite naturally to me to an extent. That being said, it still demands a conscious effort to keep up with all the group chats, notifications, and everyday messages. Don't get me wrong, I love keeping up with family and friends - even if it's just to send a song, a meme, or an 'I love you' - but everyone has their limits.

What I've realised is - as with many aspects of my life - I need to find a balance that suits me also. There's such a thing as giving out too much. It's ok not to respond to something instantly if I can't at that time. Enjoy a moment, without having to share it.


Imagine we're like a jar of Nutella. Inside that jar of Nutella, is ... well... Nutella?! In this case, we're going to call it energy. Imagine we get a full pot of energy each day. The more people and activities we try to fit into each day, then the more we'll have to spread our pot of energy, making it thinner each time, so as to last.

Why not maximise our energy, and give more of our focus to fewer things? That way, we can bring our full selves, and our full intentions, to every moment.


Saying that... I have about a million and 1 things I plan on achieving today...Whoops! Maybe it's about time I take a spoonful of my own medicine, lol.

What are your thoughts on social media, and trying to do too much? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you're having a good day, all the best peeps! :)

drxfty x

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Another excellent insight. Like you social media is an enigma to me too. People are not always honest in their posts. However with regard to communication between families don't know how I would cope without it to be honest.

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